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TNNE History

It all started in 2012 when Alex and Patrick met by chance.

They talked about old and new songs and about a project that Alex wanted to set up.

Patrick actually wanted to take a longer break after leaving No Name, but the song "The Snow" made him agree to take part in the project.

The two set out in search of musicians and with Gilles Wagner (ex Low Density Corporation) they very quickly found the right drummer.

Later, Michel Volkmann (guitar) and Claude Zeimes (Dream Catcher) on bass joined them.

They founded "The No Name Experience" in 2013, but the idea was always the abbreviation TNNE.

The long-awaited debut album "The Clock That Went Backwards" was released in May 2014 on the well-known German label PPR

(Progressive Promotion Records).

Some concerts in Luxembourg and Germany followed but mainly they played as opener for ARENA in France (Chez Paulette).

In the middle of 2015 TNNE played in their hometown Dudelange with a new line-up Max Cinus on guitar and David Juvan (Atria) on bass.

The songs for the second album were already partly written when french bassist Michel Casadei Della Chiesa joined TNNE in early 2016.

In April 2017, TNNE was able to recruit the exceptional Chilean guitarist Claudio Cordero as a guest musician.

Claudio a member of the Mexican prog band Cast recorded the whole album in his hometown Santiago de Chile.

In the meantime, a suitable guitarist was found in Cédric Gillis in the summer and a concert followed on National Day in Luxembourg City.

The second album "Wonderland" was released on September 26thS by PPR and was highly praised by the critics.

For the release concert, both bands Cast and TNNE performed together in October at Das Rind in Rüsselsheim.

In 2018, TNNE performed twice in France, including opening for Pat O'May in Audun-Le-Tiche.

Work on the new album actually progressed well in the following year, but the pandemic interrupted plans for a quick release.

In April 2020, TNNE finally went into the studio to start work on the third album.

Michel left the band in August due to musical differences.

In July 2021, the band finally performed live again at the Fete de la Musique in Dudelange.

This was followed by a performance at the legendary Artrock Festival in Reichenbach (Germany).

For both gigs, bassist Mateus Wojda helped out.

In October, bassist Stéphane Roset joined TNNE and immediately started recording the new songs.

In 2022, the new album "Life 3.0" will finally be released.

TNNE goes back into the studio in October and the single "No Man's Land" will be released in the same month.

For the band's 10th anniversary next year, they are planning an EP.