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Fred is a classical saxophone player but also a multi-instrumentalist since then. After some outstanding studies with a first price at the "Conservatoire de musique national et regional" and a CAPES in musicology at the "University of Metz", a career path who conducts him to teach music in school ...

but only for a couple of month!

Because Fred returned very fast to his first love: The stage!

To the sake of music that fills him: Sax, vocals, guitar, bass, orchestral conducting, flute, piano or drums. All this medium for expressing his artistic talent and to consume his art.

Fred Hormain - Sax

Gilles is one of the most requested drummer in Luxembourg. His drum playing is extremely manifold.

He started playing drums at the age of 14 at the Conservatory of Luxembourg with Al Ginter.

In 1996 he was accepted in Bruno Castellucci’s jazz department at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.

At the same time he participated on different workshops held by Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Terry Bozzio, Rick Latham, Ed Thigpen, Marco Minnemann.

Actual Projects:  TNNE,

Past Projects:

Low Density Corporation, Cluster 5, Thorunn, Message from Venus, Julien Arpetti Band, Guy Noël Band, Fahrgeschäft, Nobbie Dixie Band, Heng Kleren Project, Daniel Balthasar, Roby Arend 4tet, Serge Bausch 5tet, Greg Lamy Trio ...

Gilles Wagner - Drums
Stéphane Roset - Bass

Stéphane is a self-taught Belgian bassist who started playing drums and bass at the age of 15

and ended up playing only bass. Influenced by the style of Markus Grosskopf (Helloween).

He joins the band TNNE in 2021 for the recording of the new album Life 3.0.

He plays on an Ibanez 6 strings and an Aquilina 5 strings.

Cédric Gilis - Guitars

As a fan of progressive rock and especially of Marillion, he began to start in early 1988 as a singer for a cover-band  named No Name later that year.

Beside some gigs as a guest vocalist, No Name was always his main band.

Unfortunately he left the band in September 2010 due to different misunderstandings.

After a break of more than a year he accepted to participate on Alex’s new project.

Initially intended for just one song it ended in a complete album.

Patrick Kiefer - Vocals

Hello, I introduce myself…

I am one of the founders of No Name in 1988. I began to play piano at the age of 6 years at the Conservatory of Luxembourg …

In 1990 I began to write my first songs for No Name and was the main composer of the band. After the split in February 2011, I never stopped composing of my own.

One Year later I asked Patrick if he would contibute to my new project  to perform on one single song, that he agreed.

After a few vocal sessions and more songs, this project become TNNE.

Alex Rukavina - Keyboards THE BAND SPECIAL GUEST